The International Tenders service is specially designed for companies looking to expand their operations globally, while keeping their values and corporate essence intact. This product combines specialized legal knowledge in international public procurement with an approach that values and promotes the principles and integrity of each client.

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    Main aspects

    International Bids


    Preservation of corporate values

    At Assis & Siqueira, we understand that each company has a unique history and fundamental values ​​that define its identity and culture. Our International Tendering service places these values ​​at the center of each client's strategy, ensuring that every action and decision during the bidding process reflects the essence of the company. This respect for authenticity is crucial to maintaining integrity and strengthening the brand on the global stage.


    Authentic strategy and execution

    We believe that global market leadership does not require compromising integrity. Therefore, at each stage of the bidding process, from bid preparation to final negotiations, we emphasize the importance of actions that are truly aligned with the client's values. This not only preserves the company's identity but also makes it stand out in a competitive market.


    Integration and sustainability practices (ESG)

    Corporate sustainability is integrated as a key part of bidding strategies. We work with our clients to implement practices that address environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects, thus contributing to a positive global impact, both in terms of corporate responsibility and operational effectiveness.
    Our team not only prepares and supports clients through the bidding process, but also provides ongoing support to ensure that contracts are executed in accordance with stipulated ethical and legal standards, preserving the company's reputation and values in the long term.


    Stories of success and integrity

    Throughout our history, we are proud to have supported clients who, by remaining true to their principles, have not only won significant international tenders, but also positively impacted the communities in which they operate. These success stories are a testament to the power of integrity and ethics in global business.

    Assis & Siqueira is committed to being more than a provider of legal services, we are strategic partners who understand the importance of aligning commercial success with corporate values. Through our International Tendering service, we ensure that each client not only participates, but stands out as a leader on the global public procurement stage, maintaining its unique essence and promoting sustainable and ethical business practices.

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